About Maybrook Title Cash

▸ If you have already asked friends, neighbors or relatives to help you out with a loan and been turned down, you should look into title loans Laredo offered by Maybrook Title Cash.

▸ We’re professional title lenders who make it easy for applicants to qualify for a fast loan. We understand what you’re going through when emergencies come up and you just don’t have the cash to cover your bills.

▸ Our specialized lending program works great for retirees, those on low incomes, people working part-time jobs or folks who are transitioning to new jobs. Our loan requirements are so simple, most people can easily qualify.

▸ If you have cash coming in monthly and have a clear title to your auto that you own, you’ll likely get quick loan approval. We can offer high loan payouts, good interest rates and cash in a day or less. Call 956-291-0555

How the Auto Title Loan Process Works


We never charge to apply for title loans Laredo, so get your application in quickly for faster service.

Qualifying, Loan Terms & Repayment Plans

Each applicant interested in title loans Laredo receives a call from our loan agent to discuss their financial needs. We will talk with you about your income to help you to find the best loan terms. You’ll also be presented with the most suitable repayment plans for your monthly income.

Completing the Legal Paperwork

Approved borrowers meet with a representative at anyone of our loan stores where you’ll be given a contract to read through and sign. Borrowers are encouraged to take their time to read the material and ask questions for clarification. Contracts are written according to all federal and state car title loan regulations, which benefit borrowers by highlighting their financial obligations.

Contracts will contain:

• A customized repayment schedule.

• The amount of money you are financing.

• The interest rate you agreed to during your phone consultation.

• The amount of money you’ll be paying in interest.

• Any applicable fees attached to the loan.

• Minimum monthly payment amounts for the loan.

To secure the loan according to the agreement, you’ll need to provide us with the hard copy of your vehicle title. This allows us to file a lien against your auto, which stays in place throughout the loan period. After receiving the final loan payment from the borrower, the title is returned.

After taking care of the paperwork, your loan is paid out. Quick, alternative loans like title loans Laredo are a great way to improve finances today.

Tips to Apply for Car Title Loans

What You Won’t Need to Apply for Vehicle Title Loans

  • Have to schedule an appointment to apply for a loan.
  • Have to take time off of work to drive to a location to fill out a lengthy loan application.
  • Need to locate financial documentation like bank records and tax forms to meet application requirements.
  • You won’t have to worry about qualifying because of bad credit.
  • You won’t have to explain how you intend to use your loan funds.

Maybrook Title Cash Requirements for Auto Title Loans

  • An automobile that runs. We approve a variety of vehicle models, but they must be in drivable condition.
  • A clear car title with your name as the owner of a car, motorcycle, SUV or truck.
  • Monthly income from any kind of job, benefit income from federal or state governments, retirement income and others types of steady income.
  • A government issued identification card to verify you are at least 18 to enter into a loan agreement.

When & Where You Can Complete and Submit an Application for Title Loans Laredo

  • Short applications are available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Call in your application information at your convenience.
  • Meet us in person at a local store to ask your questions and fill out an application.

Application Information Requirements

Maybrook Title Cash needs a phone number to get in touch with you about your loan needs and your auto information to create a free loan estimate. Listed below is the data you’ll need to complete an application:

• Your first and last name, phone number and zip code.

• The make, model, style, age of your automobile and a mileage estimate.